Coaching & Consulting Fees

  1. Individual Coaching Sessions
    Individual coaching sessions for career, leadership and wellness are one hour. In each session, we identify the target areas you want to focus on and outline actions that meet you to your immediate and long-term goals.
    US $200 per session
  2. Organizational Coaching Services
    It's important to connect with clients and listen to their leadership needs and organizational priorities. Services are targeted towards organizations looking to elevate their capabilities on leadership development, career transition, next level preparation, communication effectiveness and influencing skills.
    Customized Services and Prices
  3. Workshops & Webinars
    Workshops & Webinars are offered to organizations, teams and special events on topics such as Influencing Skills, Communicating Difficult Messages, Team Development & Communication, Mindfulness Leadership, and Networking and Your Professional Brand.
    Customized Services and Prices
  4. Small Business Consulting
    Small businesses are in perpetual motion of balancing the delivery of services, growing their business, managing operational priorities, and staying focused on team management. Consulting services include leadership development, leadership leverage, talent management, and business planning.
    Customized Services and Prices
Discounted pricing options are offered to veterans.  Thank you for your business.
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