"One of the best things about Janeen is that she works with me to come up with professional ways to handle sticky situations.  She has a great attitude and has a very good way of making people feel comfortable."

Big Four Consulting Firm

"Janeen is always professional but meets me at a very personal level -  this is how a successful coach operates."

Operations Leader 
International, Non-Profit Environmental Organization

"Janeen was great to work with when I needed to find a new job in a new city.  We worked together on my resume, job search and interviewing skills.  She listened and checked-in with me regularly.  I felt she was vested in my success and I found a position."    

Network Engineer
Defense Contractor Business

"Janeen combines excellent intellectual abilities with a drive and enthusiasm that is exceptional.  She does not stay dormant.  She takes advantage of opportunities that allow her to be very knowledgeable as a coach.  She is prime example of what it takes to be a wonderful coach."

Coaching Business Colleague

Thank you so much for working with me. I was in a rough spot and your help took me through the transition and made me a better administrator and colleague.  You have a true gift.

Professor and Administrator
 Big 10 University

""Janeen is the best. I am so glad I picked her as my coach. She knows how to bring the right perspectives to the table!"

 Finance & Banking Business

"I really appreciate that Janeen guides the conversation when needed but also is very flexible on days where I'm less focused and allows the conversation to flow where I am."

Senior Director 
International Banking Company

"Janeen was warm, open, and insightful. She listened carefully and helped me articulate feelings I hadn't been able to fully grasp until our call. Feeling really optimistic moving forward!"   

Senior Manager
Pharmaceutical Company

"Janeen had some good feedback and techniques to practice on how to focus on strengthening my message in conversations and presentations."

Senior Manager
​Design Strategy Organization

"Janeen has a calming presence and helps me figure out my options in a way that is motivating and clear."

Lean Six Sigma Leader
Medical Manufacturing Company

"Thank you again as you were an integral part of my journey to reach this new level of success and for that I am grateful." 

Research Analyst
​National Insurance Company

"I walk away feeling equipped and empowered to take constructive next steps." 

Business Development Leader
​Regional Hospital System​
  • Business leaders in Fortune 500 companies
  • Retiring military officers
  • Technology leaders and consultants
  • Cyber security experts
  • Non-profit leaders
  • Academic directors and professors
  • Recent MBA graduates
  • Financial and banking managers
  • Federal and state government employees
  • Service Professionals - Police and firefighter officers  
Illustrative list of clients
  • Clients work for organizations such as Prudential, Genetech, CapitalOne, Deloitte,  U.S. Army, University of Maryland, Georgetown Alumni Association, and FDA.