Janeen Shaffer, PCC

Janeen is a career, leadership and wellness coach.  She is a graduate from The Ohio State University and the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching program.  She is a PCC certified coach from the International Coaching Federation.  

Janeen’s niche is helping clients who are going through significant transitions or changes.  She understands that transitions, unexpected or planned, are handled better when working with someone you trust to create an action-based strategy and plan. 

Janeen understands the challenges that come with being an individual who leads at home and at work.  Janeen's coaching influences began when she was a senior talent leader and received news that her father had brain cancer.  During the ten years of her father's illness, she became one of his care-takers while remaining successful in her leadership role at a Big Four consulting firm.  In the midst of her career and family situations, she remained focused on balancing a lifelong, chronic disease (Diabetes Type 1) that requires her to manage stress, maintain healthy eating habits, and keep an exercise routine to maintain her health.  All of these important and competing priorities gave Janeen inspiration to build a coaching practice working with individuals to achieve excellence in their professional path while developing personal resiliency and balance during times of transition and change.  
1.    Trusted partner through change – Janeen is known for being a calm and grounded presence for clients who are going through a significant transition and change.  When you feel stuck in anxiety, fear and uncertainty, we work together to bring stability and hope.  We create momentum and move you to a place of confidence, clarity and commitment to actions.       

Five Reasons to work with Janeen Shaffer, PCC

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2.    Proven track record of empowering individuals – Janeen understands the challenges of being an individual who leads at home and at work, who is juggling many important roles in their life, and who want to successfully honor their responsibilities while taking care of themselves.  She has a proven track-record coaching individuals and leaders in organizations such as Prudential, Genentech, CapitalOne, Accenture, University of Maryland, FDA, USAID, and the US Army.  Janeen is a coaching partner with Women in Technology, Georgetown University Alumni Association and BetterUp.
3.    Return on Investment – Coaching is an investment in you and charting your success.  Coaching has a positive and significant impact on your level of success and bottom line profitability. Studies show the ROI on coaching is at least six times the cost of the coaching.
4.    Walks the Talk – Janeen walked in highly competitive environments as a successful leader and understands the increasing layers of leadership responsibilities and expectations.  She brings 20 years of leadership experience in management consulting and talent acquisition in fast-paced, highly competitive consulting environments such as Deloitte and Booz Allen.  She offers seven years of demonstrated success in coaching individuals to achieve results, increase confidence, and create sustaining behaviors that support their goals.     
5.    Fully credentialed – Janeen is a graduate from The Ohio State University and the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching program.  She is a PCC certified coach from the International Coaching Federation.  She received her wellness coaching certification from Dr. Harold Koning, alumni of the prestigious Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute.

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