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Strategic planning provides organizations clarity, agreement, and accountability on what defines success and drives desired results. 


Shaffer Coaching + Consulting offers strategic planning for small and mid-size organizations helping them to uncover their internal and external opportunities, establish priorities, and develop action plans that create clarity and results.  We work closely with your organization to make sure the strategic planning is valuable, inclusive, and clear for the organization.  The final strategic plan is accessible, easy to understand, and empowers the organization to step forward with clear direction, vision, and accountability.  


  • Align the board, leadership, and teams around the organization's vision, mission and goals.

  • Invite and integrate feedback from key stakeholders, community and client partners, and employees regarding the organization's value and impact.

  • Establish clarity about where the organization is headed and outline the actions and accountability needed to achieve success.


We believe strategic planning is crucial and we understand that leaders recognize its importance while also feeling that it can be overwhelming.  We offer services with the intention of creating a manageable process that produces attainable and inspiring results.  Our range of services available for your strategic planning include:

  • mission and vision statements.

  • capability analysis (including surveys and interviews).

  • prioritization, accountability, and action plans.

  • communication plans for employees, stakeholders, and partners/clients.

  • progress reports on updates and agreements made in meetings.

  • final strategic plan report.

Our methodology involves:  

  • leading planning meetings with the board chair and CEO to define expectations and build alignment throughout the process.

  • facilitating strategic planning meetings with the board and senior leadership.

  • offering customized training that supports the strategic plan goals such as communication strategies, time management & prioritization, team effectiveness, and building stakeholder relationships.

  • providing coaching and consulting to senior leaders accountable for the plan's success.

  • offering quarterly or bi-annual accountability meetings with leadership.

We look forward to creating a customized approach that meets your organization where it is and helps it get to where it wants to be with clarity, purpose, and momentum.

"I appreciated Janeen's approach to being attentive to what was important to us as leaders while challenging us when we wanted to stay in our comfort zones.  It opened up conversations that needed to be had.  The progress reports and summary helped us focus on and track our new goals." 

A Non-Profit Executive Director

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