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  • Janeen Shaffer, PCC

How to honor the holidays and 2021, while stepping into a new year.

As we begin to approach the end of 2021 and enter the holiday season, there is more discussion about approaching the end of the year from a different perspective. This year was not as smooth as many had hoped. The last two years have taught us many things, including being flexible with our best, laid-out plans. I’m approaching the holidays and the last days of 2021 with gratitude for the small and big blessings around me like my health, my family’s health, blue skies, eggnog, and holiday lights. Because of the craziness of the last two years, I like the idea of creating intentions (versus resolutions) for next year and reminding ourselves to create adaptable expectations of what is next. Many of my clients aren’t driven by resolutions as much as thinking about what they want to create for themselves next year, so they feel more like they are thriving versus surviving and pushing through it all.

What is our opportunity in honoring the milestone of ending one year and beginning another? I believe it is to be intentional about what we want to let go of and what we want to create more of. What experiences, people, and energy do we want to surround ourselves with that enrich, enlighten and encourage our life? Here are some samples of what I’ve been hearing in the hopes that it inspires you to think about and begin acting on what you want to create.

  • “I am creating healthy boundaries around the time I need for self-care.”

  • “I am attracting respectful, thoughtful, capable, and fun colleagues at my work.”

  • “I am sharing my ideas, impact, and recommendations more with my leaders in a confident and informative way.”

  • “I am saying “yes” more to opportunities that scare and excite me.”

  • “I am traveling to places that get me outside and connect me to different cultures and experiences.”

  • “I am speaking my truth more about what is important to me and what behaviors/situations no longer serve me well.”

  • “I’m shifting my current work challenges into opportunities to create new roles and responsibilities that bring me fulfillment, demonstrate my value, and use my strengths.”

  • “I am ending this year with rest, grace, and fun so I can refill my bucket and step into the new year with better energy.”

Good luck as you begin to honor and reflect on the themes of 2021 in your life and actively create your vision for the experiences and energy you desire to surround yourself with in 2022.

"Drink from the well of your self and begin again.” by C. Bukowski

Janeen Shaffer is a PCC certified coach helping individuals and leaders with their internal development and external performance. If the article resonated with you, follow me on LinkedIn and check my other articles. Contact me at,, IG @janeen.shaffer, Pinterest Shaffer Coaching + Consulting.


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