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  • Janeen Shaffer, PCC

Morning Rituals

My uncle passed away in October. He was a gentle giant. He was funny, kind and sensitive. He was built like a lumberjack and was a gentle as a butterfly. He had a hard life. He was picked on often and not treated well. I believe that over time this continued bullying behavior towards him significantly contributed to a mental breakdown.

I was amazed I never saw my uncle angry. I know he had this emotion – as we all do – but it was never a driving force in his behavior. His kindness always came through his essence, his eyes, his actions. He was kind when the world would not offer the same gesture in return.

That brings me to the importance of morning rituals. Many people are moving fast, quick to judge, spewing out words without thought, quick to offend and be offended, and focused on results regardless of consequences. For me, a morning ritual is important in bringing out the better side of myself for the day ahead. A prayer, a meditation, an exercise routine, an uplifting song, a soothing cup of tea, writing in my journal, an inspirational quote are all tools in my toolbox that I access to help me be centered, protected and grounded before going out to face the day.

Morning rituals do not make you weak or unproductive. In fact, they do the opposite. We are all responsible for our thoughts, words and actions. If you start the day hurried, anxious, frustrated, hurt, stressed – what unhealthy and unproductive situation will you create to match you “where you are”? What impact will that have on those around you? Morning rituals begin to train your mind, body and soul for resilience, focus, management of your words and actions towards yourself and others, for inner peace.

If my uncle had met more people who had taken the time for a morning ritual, he would have experienced more people who smiled at him, were patient with him, were respectful and kind to him. I believe his life story would have been different. Morning rituals break the cycle of beating up on yourself and doing so to others. All of us have the ability and choice to create a day that reflects the best of ourselves. I hope you choose to do so ….

Janeen Shaffer is a PCC certified coach helping individuals and leaders with their internal development and external performance. If the article resonated with you … follow me on LinkedIn and check my other articles on LinkedIn, or contact me at,, IG @janeen.shaffer, Pinterest Shaffer Coaching + Consulting.

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