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  • Janeen Shaffer, PCC

Rise Up

I keep hearing a theme of disappointment, rejection, or hurt throughout this year that we are having with each other, our community, our work, etc. These feelings can be debilitating, disorienting, and confusing if you allow it.

You don’t need the approval, understanding, or love from others to validate your existence and worth.

Rise Up one step at a time to all that you are and all that you offer. What does that look like? Here are some ideas for you.

  • Always do your best regardless of how others think of you or treat you.

  • Always use your words out of respect, kindness and truth.

  • Build your foundation of inner confidence, peace and joy by listening to yourself versus seeking to be liked, understood and valued by others.

Believe you are enough …

Your presence … Your words … Your actions … are enough to make a difference for you and to make a difference for others simply by being the best of you and using the gifts given to you.

How do you build this foundation of inner confidence, peace and joy? You build it daily and one step at a time. The steps could include a combination of:

  • Prayer or meditation

  • Listening to yourself – is your gut, your body, the voice in your head telling you something to pay attention to

  • Being out in nature, witnessing its resiliency and beauty, allowing it to restore your energy

  • Exercising regularly by doing something you enjoy such as walking, dancing, running, yoga

  • Eating and drinking in a balanced way that supports your health

  • Reading a magical, spiritual, encouraging book or journaling

  • Breathing deeply for a few minutes to automatically relieve stress in your body

Rising Up to the challenge of taking care of yourself involves these types of actions on a daily basis. If you aren’t sure what commitment and dedication to yourself really looks like and if the time is worth it, think about this … An athlete doesn’t win a gold medal by practicing once a year. An actor doesn’t learn a script and immediately act in a Broadway play. Taking care of yourself and building a strong foundation of tools, capabilities, and confidence takes a similar daily focus to reach a consistent level of excellence. Luckily, you don’t need to spend hours each day like an actor or athlete to reap the rewards. Begin with the steps that speak to you and start with a commitment to yourself for five or ten minutes a day. Build your commitment level from there. Over time, the foundation you are building will begin to reflect an accomplished, confident person of their own life. You will begin to notice you flow more easily throughout the day. You walk taller and speak with more confidence. You make decisions from a place of clarity. You smile more. You have the resiliency to handle the complexities of your life. You begin to see that your external world is reflecting the harmony and balance you are creating internally.

Rise Up to the darkness and heaviness that others bring into your path. You are part of the light of those around you, versus the person that tears them down. Rise Up to your best self and make the commitment of supporting yourself daily. Are you worth that time? I hope that you find you are.

Janeen Shaffer is a PCC certified coach helping individuals and leaders with their internal development and external performance. If the article resonated with you … follow me on LinkedIn, or contact me at,, IG @janeen.shaffer, Pinterest Shaffer Coaching + Consulting.


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